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Transportation Planning


  • The Springfield Area Transportation Study (SATS) has prepared the Draft FY 2022-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), a four-year program of road, rail, bicycle, pedestrian, and mass transit projects.  The TIP document is on file for public review until August 2, 2021
  • If you are a resident of Sangamon or Menard Counties and you live outside the Springfield Urbanized Area (check map for eligibility), you can get a ride with the Sangamon-Menard Area Region Transit (SMART). SMART covers rural areas of Sangamon County, providing door-to-door service. Call SMART at (217) 679-5009 between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm to schedule a ride. More information can be found on the SMART website.
  • It's easier than ever to get around Springfield. SMTD is now on Google Transit. Google Transit allows you to use your computer, smartphone, or tablet to find the easiest way to take the bus anywhere you want to go in Springfield. You can use google transit on your computer by going to Google Maps. Just enter you location and destination, ask for directions, and choose the "bus" symbol to find the locations of your nearest stop and directions on which route to take to your destination. More info about Google Transit and other items can be found on the SMTD YouTube page.



The Springfield Area Transportation Study (SATS)

The SATS Technical and Policy Committees hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings at the offices of the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission.


The Planning Commission maintains an archive of SATS meeting minutes. These items will remain in the web archive for at least one year.

Technical Committee

Policy Committee


Active Transportation

Visit our active transportation page to get more information about biking, walking and running in the area or using the services provided by the Sangamon Mass Transit District.

Plans and Publications

Below you will find a number of other plans and publications produced by SATS and the Regional Planning Commission

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Fiscal Years 2022-2025
Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Fiscal Years 2021-2024

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Fiscal Years 2020-2023

Long Range Transportation Plan 2045

Other Websites

Ride Illinois -
Springfield Mass Transit District -
Google Maps -
National Safety Council -
Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act - FHWA website


Please direct any transportation planning related questions or comments to Jason Sass.