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List of Township Collectors

Sangamon County Township Collector Mailing Addresses

Township First Name Last Name Street Address City State Zip
Ball Carolyn Halford 1779 Covered Bridge Road Glenarm IL 62536
Cartwright Shirley Theilen 44 Aspen Road Pleasant Plains IL 62677
Clearlake Jim Leka 1020 E.Washington St. Riverton IL 62561
Curran Denise Brown 1494 Lenhart Road Springfield IL 62711
Divernon Jann Belford PO Box 245 Divernon IL 62530
Gardner Mary Bell Sommer 5622 Old Salem Rd. Springfield IL 62707
Lanesville Kathy Kilhoffer 16300 Old Route 36 Buffalo IL 62515
Loami Alvin Brewer 101 North Main St. Loami IL 62661
Maxwell Lola Caruthers 15438 Downing Rd. Waverly IL 62692
New Berlin Kathleen Loving 4464 Tolliver Rd. New Berlin IL 62670
Pawnee Niki Howard-Clarke 808 6th Street Pawnee IL 62558
Rochester Steve Taft 3438 No. Oak Hills Rd. Rochester IL 62563
Springfield Janine Stroble 3928 Terminal Springfield IL 62707
Talkington Linda Caruthers 14125 Caruthers Rd Waverly IL 62692

Townships with no Collector and the County Treasurer Collects the first installment of property taxes.

  1. Auburn
  2. Buffalo Hart
  3. Chatham
  4. Cooper
  5. Fancy Creek
  6. Illiopolis
  7. Island Grove
  8. Mechanicsburg
  9. Williams
  10. Woodside
  11. Cotton Hill

Capital Township Collector and County Treasurer are the same.