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Call in and Appointment Schedule

2017 Community Services Block Grant Programs

Must have appointment to obtain services listed below by calling 535-3120. Appointment call-in days for each service are listed in the chart. No walk-ins will be taken.

Program/Service Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
Emergency Dental/ Pediatric Dental Sedation/Medications       Call-in day 2nd Thursday of month Dental appointments held
Emergency Rental and Employment Supports Rental and Employment Supports appointments held. Family Life Skills/Goal Setting Workshop Held 9:00 am-noon Financial Literacy Workshop
9:00 am-12:00 pm
  Call-in day
1st & 3rd Friday of month
GED vouchers, Fans (Seniors), Housing Counseling These appointments will be held as needed when time is available seasonally or throughout the year by any FSS staff available.
Summer School Tuition Assistance (In 2017, classes held June 16-July 28) Calls for appointments taken any time after June 1. Appointments to be held on Thursday Mornings beginning June 5 through July 28. Summer School Appts. Thursdays 6/5-7/28  
School Uniforms
Referrals must be made by parent educators at 4 middle schools and 3 grade schools.
  School Uniform appointments held.  Call-in day on Monday before. Through 8/30

Appointments held beginning July 5-August 30 on Tuesdays or until 75 vouchers are gone.  

4 Middle Schools – 11 vouchers each
3 Grade Schools – 10 vouchers each for Graham and   Harvard Park, 11 for Feitshans.

Scholarships   Scholarship Intake Appts through 5/30 Applications Due on Friday, May 5.  Appointments held on 2nd-3rd Tuesdays beginning May 16-30.
Family Self-Sufficiency (Family Functioning/Goal Setting individual appointments) Initial appointments - 90+ minutes duration or attend workshop.
Follow-up appointments - 30+ minutes duration
Incentives awarded when reach short and long term goals.
Case management appointments   Case manangement appointments
Certified Nursing Assistant Training Call LLCC at 786-2069 for appointment. All students required to meet with SCCR Family Support Specialist.      
Financial Literacy Workshop   Wednesdays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm.    
Family Functioning/Goal Setting Workshop Tuesdays after Rent/Employment Support Appointments on Mondays