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Annual Tax Sale


Date and Location of Sale

The Sangamon County Annual Tax Sale for delinquent real estate taxes and mobile home taxes will be on November 13,  2020 at 9:00 a.m. in the Bank of Springfield Center Basement.

Buyer Registration

Register with the Sangamon County Treasurer’s office at least ten days prior to the sale. Registrations will be accepted until 5:00 PM on Monday November 2, 2020. All buyers must complete a Certificate of Registration form and include a $200 USD deposit. Deposits made by check shall be from a US bank. . A buyer will be required to sign an agreement stating :

  • All balances due at the end of the sale will be paid using a signed blank check.
  • They will not bid on any taxes on a parcel that they or anyone they represent have any interest in.
  • They will follow the Illinois Complied Statutes in completing the transactions related to the Tax Sale.
  • They will not collude, bid rig, or conspire with other tax buyers or County employees.
  • They understand that only one bidder at any one time may bid per registration.
  • The Tax Certificates will be titled using the registration information.
  • They will not resale or share with other registrants the Tax Delinquency List supplied by the County.

Substitute Buyer

If the registrant cannot participate in the tax sale, he/she may provide the name of a substitute person by 5:00 PM on November 2, 2020 The registrant must notify the Treasurer’s office in writing by e-mail or fax.

Refund of Deposit Policy

There are no refunds if the registrant does not attend or participate in the tax sale. The deposit is refunded only if the registrant attempts, but fails to purchase any parcels offered.

Buyer Check-in.

All registrants must check in at the Sangamon County Board Chamber prior to the start of the sale. Bring a signed check payable to “Sangamon County Collector”. Leave the amount blank. Checks must be from a US bank and in US dollars. We accept personal or business checks.

Tax Sale Information.

The Real Estate Portion of the Tax Sale will be conducted and administered by Joseph A. Meyer and Associates’ Real-time Auction Management System –“RAMS” Please contact Joseph A. Meyer & Associates , located 141 St. Andrews Avenue, Edwardsville, IL 62025 by phone 618-656-5744 or fax 618-656-5094 if you have in questions regarding “RAMS”. The Mobile Home portion of the Tax Sale will be conducted orally immediately following the RAMS sale.


A buyer (or the buyer’s agent if identified on the Tax Sale Registration) must be present to bid. Bidding on all delinquent taxes starts at 18% and the tax sale certificate is issued to the lowest bidder. The tax buyer must pay the County for taxes purchased the day of the Tax Sale plus any penalties and costs due at that time. The buyer receives a tax certificate for each parcel purchased. The following costs are in effect and will be collected:$20.00 Indemnity Fee, $10.00 Advertising Fee, $4.00 Clerk Fee, $10.00 Treasurer’s Automation Fee, and $60.00 Sale in Error Interest Fund Fee.

Delinquent Property List (Tax Buyers List).

A list of delinquent properties will be advertised in the local newspapers approximately three (3) weeks prior to the sale. An electronic version of the delinquency list will be available starting on October 19, 2020 for the cost of $200. Please indicate on registration form if you want to purchase a list. Payment updates are posted daily to the Treasurer’s website to allow for maintaining the list. The list is available from Joseph E. Meyer. Printed copies are no longer available.

Subsequent Taxes

If you intend to pay subsequent taxes prior to the tax sale, they must be paid on or before 5:00 pm November  2, 2020 to allow processing time. Our practice is to only allow payment of subsequent year’s taxes for the current year taxes payable until after certified notices have been produced. Certified notices are normally produced by the fourth Friday in September. Please notify us a day in advance so we can have the list ready. You must visit the Clerk’s office immediately before coming to the Treasurer’s office to receive a list of potential properties that you can buy subsequent taxes on. Using the list provided by the Clerk’s office, please indicate which parcels taxes you are going to pay. Tax buyers are responsible for making sure that subsequent taxes are added to the redemption amount.

Prior Sales Results

Information on the results of prior years’ sales are as follows:

Single Parcel Buyers

Individuals who are interested in purchasing a single parcel are required to comply with all registration and deposit requirements. Persons who attend the tax sale to purchase a single parcel will be asked to step forward at the beginning of the sale. The parcel that the person is interested in will be auctioned off in the same manner as all other parcels but will be done at the beginning of the sale. Individuals participating in the sale should be familiar with statutory requirements before investing in a tax sale. Refunds of amounts paid are only allowed under specific statutory circumstances. Buyers can lose their investments.

Additional Information:

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