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Property Tax Due Dates 

Real Estate taxes for 2021 Pay 2022 are scheduled to be due on June 3rd and September 2nd of 2022. 

Property Tax Information is available online at Tax.Co.Sangamon.IL.US


Prepayments for 2021 Pay 2022


Prepayments for 2021 Pay 2022 taxes of up to 105% of the previous years tax amount may  be delivered to the Treasurer office or mailed to:

Sangamon County Collector
200 S. Ninth St. Room 102
Springfield Il 62701

Payment Drop Box

A payment drop box is located next to the entrance of the Treasurer's office in the lobby of the Sangamon County Building. 

In Person Payments

Tax payments are accepted in the Treasurer's Office 200 S. Ninth St. Springfield, IL during normal business hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00. 

Sign Up For E-Bill

Sign up to receive your tax bill via e-mail instead of a paper bill in the mail.  The “E-bill” will be similar in appearance with a link to the E-check website to make a paperless payment.  Paperless bills make the collection of property taxes cost effective and convenient for the taxpayer. The application is found at the following link: Please complete, sign and forward the application to:

After enrolling, you will receive a verification e-mail requiring you to confirm that you received the e-mail. You will then receive your tax bill in late April or early May.  We will send an annual verification e-mail in February or March to determine if you want to continue with paperless payments.  If you don’t verify annually, we will send a paper bill to the address on file. 

Questions about Tax Bills and Payments

Information can be found at:  Tax.Co.Sangamon.IL.US  or call Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00 at 217-753-6800 for assistance.  Taxpayers without internet access may call and we will mail the information. 

General Information

  • Make Checks Payable to TAX COLLECTOR
  • Office Hours by phone are 8:30 to 5:00 Monday thru Friday.
  • Mailing Address is 200 S. Ninth Room 102, Springfield, IL 62701
  • Inquire on line at Tax.Co.Sangamon.IL.US
  • Office phone number is 217-753-6800