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Regional Planning Commission

Announcements and New Products

The SSCRPC's Executive Director is required to provide the Commissioners with an annual program year activity report during the Commission's regular August meeting. This short report covers Commission activities from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. A copy of this report may be found HERE.

The SSCRPC is asking for opinions on what people think of transportation infrastructure and mobility in the area. Input will be shared with local jurisdictions to help guide our Long Range Transportation Plan. Click here to participate.

Planning Commission Project and Program Updates

The SSCRPC recently completed the 2019 Flood Mailing. A 5% -15% discount on flood insurance is available on property in unincorporated Sangamon County because a Community Rating System rating of 7 was assigned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency based on prevention activities undertaken by the County.  This mailing is one of those activities. For more information click HERE.

To set the course for land use and development across unincorporated Sangamon County for the next twenty years, Sangamon County has partnered with the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission to develop the Sangamon County 2040 Comprehensive Plan. For more information about meetings, and what the committee is up to, click HERE.