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Sangamon Valley LEPC

OEM collects and maintains information sent to the Sangamon Valley LEPC to identify locations of sizable hazardous materials storage within Sangamon and Menard Counties, focusing on the storage of extremely hazardous substances (EHS) as defined by the USEPA. The LEPC receives its information when Tier 2 Reports are filed each February by these facilities with sizable hazardous materials storage. Approximately 150 Tier 2 Reports are filed annually, of which, at least 75 are from sites storing EHS in Sangamon County.

LEPCs are organized pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), administered by the USEPA.  Among the key provisions of EPCRA is a requirement to have local emergency planning for chemicals stored in our communities.

This LEPC began a chemical emergency planning project in 2005 and has made a summary report of LEPC activities each year of the project. Annually, the LEPC conducts a review and updates its Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan for Hazardous Materials in Sangamon County during March and its similar Plan for Hazardous Materials in Menard County during May.

The Sangamon Valley LEPC meets 5 times per year. Agendas and meeting minutes are provided in accordance with the Open Meetings Act for the State of Illinois. Public Notice and an annual schedule of LEPC meetings are posted.