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Public Health, Solid Waste and Zoning

Committee Members:

Greg Stumpf, Chair
David Mendenhall, Vice Chair
Abe Forsyth
Annette Fulgenzi
Linda Fulgenzi
Craig Hall
Lisa Hills
Jason Ratts
Rose Ruzic
James Schackmann
Sam Snell
Linda Douglas-Williams

Description of Committee: 

The Public Health, Solid Waste and Zoning committee shall: a) have jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to county planning, zoning and subdivision, except matters related to highways, roads and bridges; b) work with Sangamon County regional planning commission and report such activities to the board at their June meeting; c) perform functions relating to subdivision regulations as prescribed in a resolution adopted on September 12, 1961 amended April 23, 1962; d) have jurisdiction over animal control, claims and rabies control and other matters affecting public health within the county; e) perform all duties and functions previously performed by the Solid Waste  and Management (SWAMP) Committee pursuant to a resolution with respect thereto adopted by the board on December 9, 1958, as amended; f) perform all other functions in the areas of planning, zoning and public health as may be authorized by law.

Meeting Dates: 

The committee meets on the third Thursday of each month at 5:45 p.m. in Room 201. Meeting schedules are posted in a wall display cabinet in the hallway of the first floor of the County Building.