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Promoting Unity through Public Interest Law: Interview with Sierra Senor-Moore

Promoting Unity through Public Interest Law: Interview with Sierra Senor-Moore

Promoting Unity through Public Interest Law: Interview with Sierra Senor-Moore

Sangamon County State’s Attorney, Dan Wright conducted the third in a series of P.U.P.I.L. guest interviews with  Sierra Senor-Moore. Sierra will soon begin service as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Central District of Illinois. 

The interview includes a discussion of the efforts of the Sangamon County Juvenile Justice Council to develop a “Teen Court” restorative justice diversionary program to reduce the number of students involved in the juvenile justice system and promote mutual understanding among students.

The video can be viewed by clicking here.

About Promoting Unity through Public Interest Law (P.U.P.I.L.)

MISSION STATEMENT: The P.U.P.I.L. network will encourage and facilitate the pursuit of careers in public interest law by Sangamon County high school and college students to promote unity, diversity and community engagement. We will accomplish these objectives through collaborative educational opportunities, networking, mentorship and other initiatives.

WHAT IS “PUBLIC INTEREST LAW”? : The Random House Dictionary defines “Public Interest” as “the welfare or well-being of the general public.”​

The field of public interest law encompasses a wide range of practice areas including criminal (prosecutors and public defenders), civil rights, transactional, lobbying and issue advocacy, consumer protection, human rights, healthcare, housing, disability rights, labor relations and many others.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: The P.U.P.I.L. network will be comprised of community partners throughout Sangamon County including government leaders, school districts, private law firms, social service agencies, service clubs, churches and others. 

The P.U.P.I.L. network will seek out students interested in the fields of public interest law and utilize collective knowledge and expertise to assist students with pursuit of their legal education, internships, and employment opportunities.

We live in a time that calls each of us to proactively identify opportunities to promote unity, mutual understanding and cooperative action to positively impact the lives of all people in our community.  P.U.P.I.L. is designed to convene a broad spectrum of stakeholders and encourage young people to learn about how a career in public interest law can make a profound and lasting impact on the well-being of others and the cause of justice.

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