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Regional Planning Commission

Announcements and New Products

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. The Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission is soliciting proposals from qualified firms, partnering entities, or individuals to assist in the design of one (1) roadway Character Area in each of four (4) small rural communities in Sangamon County. This project is being conducted to help implement portions of the Sangamon County Regional Strategic Plan to improve the layout and aesthetic design of common roadway corridors found in the region; specifically those identified in the Regional Strategic Plan as "Small Town Arrival Areas" and "Small Town Main Street Areas". A copy of the Request for Proposals may be found here.  Copies are also available at the SSCRPC offices. A copy of the Strategic Plan can be found here.

Curb Your Car Commute Challenge - May 14-20, 2017.  Registration is open now, so get your co-workers together and bike, walk, run, or take the bus to work.  Participants and team leaders will be eligible for prizes and drawings.  Register your team today on our Active Transportation page.

BIKING SPRINGFIELD. The SSCRPC continues to add new interactive on-line applications for general public use to its website, and the newest one is "Biking Springfield". This new application pulls together information from several sources and displays existing bikeable routes throughout Springfield and the surrounding area. Along with mapping existing routes, biking amenities such as restrooms, bike racks, and more are displayed. And, the app is mobile friendly. The application is expected to grow as additional routes develop and are mapped. To use the app, visit the eMAP Room.





Planning Commission Project and Program Updates


The SSCRPC is now working with many of the municipalities in county to as they go about adopting the Sangamon County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.  The Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2K) requires that local communities have pre-disaster plans in order to be eligible for certain types of non-emergency disaster assistance, including funding for mitigation projects.   Mitigation plans identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters and develop long-term strategies for protecting people and property from future hazard events.

In 2014, the SSCRPC received a grant to coordinate the planning efforts to update the existing mitigation plan.  Participating communities joined together to develop and share strategies to reduce the risk to life and property caused by natural disasters such as floods, tornados, winter storms and lightning, as well as build partnerships to share resources. The plan update was reviewed by FEMA and was found to meet the criteria of a multi-jurisdictional plan.  

Formal approval of the plan by FEMA will occur after each of the participating communities adopts the plan by passing an ordinance.  To learn more about the plan, click HERE.

The Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County is an independent, advisory body established by referendum in 2010, with the purpose of improving “local government effectiveness by identifying opportunities for improved cooperation, coordination and reduction of duplication of services among local governments in Sangamon County." Click here for more information.

 The Sangamon County Regional Strategic Plan culminates years of planning effort by members of the community, expert planning consultants, and the SSCRPC.  The plan is intended to provide the vision for a vital cycle of growth in the region. Click here for more information.