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Regional Planning Commission

Welcome to the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission (SSCRPC)! As the joint planning body for the City of Springfield and Sangamon County, the Planning Commission is involved in many activities of interest to municipal officials in the planning region, state and federal agencies with which we interact, and the general public. This website is intended to provide a portal to the Commission, its projects and its products to anyone interested in the Planning Commission's work.

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"Emails Seeking Employment with the Commission: During the past few weeks the SSCRPC has received several unsolicited emails from individuals interest in employment with the Commission. While we are always pleased to hear from those interested in our work, our internet security software has identified viruses in several of these emails. For this reason we will not open documents attached to such unsolicited emails or respond to them. Individuals interested in knowing whether or not positions are currently available with the SSCRPC should check the "Apply for a Job" section of the Sangamon County website [] to see if the Commission has posted any available positions, or send a letter by mail explaining their current interest to the Commission at: SSCRPC, 200 South 9th St., Room 212, Springfield, IL 62701. The Commission does respect unsolicited resumes and keeps them on file in the event that a position becomes available for which the submitter is qualified."

The SSCRPC recently released a short paper reviewing business start-up trends for Springfield during 2007-2012. This review is based upon U.S. Census Bureau data from the Survey of Business Owners provided by, and it compares Springfield trends to those of four other Central Illinois cities. The review addresses both the growth of firms with paid employees (larger firms) and those without paid employees (smaller firms), as well as growth trends pertaining to ethnic and minority-owned firms. You can read this 7-page report, Springfield New Business Start Up Trends: 2007-2-12, HERE.    

The Millennial Generation, those born beginning in 1980 and who received their name because they began coming of age after 2000, is now the largest population group in the U.S. The size of this group and the expectation that it may fundamentally change the nature of our country in the same way as the Baby Boomers, has led to a great deal of speculation about how it will affect our region and its communities. To learn more about this group and what we might expect from them, click HERE to read the SSCRPC's newest report, The Millennials: What Local Leaders Should Know about America's Newest Generation - A Review of Surveys and Assessments.

            Current Projects & Programs


            A number of interactive mapping applications developed by the SSCRPC and Sangamon County departments are now available to the public.  The SSCRPC applications are available here, and all of the County applications are available here.  Please let us know if there are additional mapping applications that would assist you.  


            CALLING ALL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS: Regional Planning Commission wants to keep its Neighborhood Association List up to date.  Click here to find out more about registering your Neighborhood Association or update your Association's information. 

            NEW PRODUCTS

            The Sangamon County Landmarks Application is now available.

            The entry form for the Pre-Civil War Farmhouse Search Program is now available. 

            Following up on its recent review of economic growth trends in the region (Planning for Growth: Reviewing Economic Growth Trends in the Springfield-Sangamon County Economic Area), the SSCRPC recently extended upon this work by conducting a “shift-share” analysis of the area, looking at the period from 2008 to 2013. Shift-share considers the employment growth that would have occurred in the region if the local economy had tracked directly with the growth that took place nationwide. This study found that the industry mix in the region was inclined toward businesses that experienced marginally faster growth, but this was coupled with the fact that a large share of local businesses underperformed their counterparts nationally, resulting in a lost opportunity of minus 5,341 jobs.  A copy of the report, Shift-Share Analysis: A Further Review of Employment Growth in the Sangamon County Economic Area, can be found here.


            The Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County is an independent, advisory body established by referendum in 2010, with the purpose of improving “local government effectiveness by identifying opportunities for improved cooperation, coordination and reduction of duplication of services among local governments in Sangamon County." Click here for more information.

             The Sangamon County Regional Strategic Plan culminates years of planning effort by members of the community, expert planning consultants, and the SSCRPC.  The plan is intended to provide the vision for a vital cycle of growth in the region. Click here for more information.

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