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Regional Planning Commission

Announcements and New Products

Congratulations to Chuck Pell, Chairman of the Sangamon County Historic Preservation Commission, and all of the members of that Commission for being selected by the Illinois Association of Historic Preservation Commissions (IAHPC) to receive the IAHPC's 2016 Commission Excellence Award for Survey and Inventory! The award is being given to the Sangamon County Commission for its Sangamon County Pre-Civil War Farmhouse Search. The award will be formally presented in Joliet on Dec. 10 during the IAHPC's meeting. Also, many thanks to the Sangamon County Farm Bureau and Brandt Consolidated, who assisted with the project and helped sponsor it.  

 The SSCRPC is involved in historic preservation in many ways, including providing staff assistance to the Sangamon County Historic Preservation Commission and serving on the City of Springfield’s Historic Sites Commission. Those interested in the Sangamon County commission’s efforts may find out more information on their website:

Congratulations to the Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County which has been named a finalist for this year’s Route Fifty Navigator Award. Route Fifty is a digital publication from Atlantic Media's Government Executive Media Groupthat covers news, technology, innovation and best practices in state, county and municipal governments across the United States. Route Fifty’s Navigator Award honors individuals and teams of individuals who either work in or with state, county and municipal government in the United States to institute best practices and improve governance.

 In announcing the CEC’s nomination, Route Fifty Executive Editor Michael Grass wrote, “While many ideas that have come and will continue to come from the CEC won’t be adopted by the county and its local governments, it is promising to see a body thoughtfully explore complicated and sometimes controversial issues when so many communities are hesitant to even have those discussions. And in Sangamon County, many of these important discussions are being driven by a citizen group that could inspire others to tackle their tough challenges through careful research, dialogue and recommendations.” 

 As the SSCRPC has handled the staff work for the CEC and conducted much of its research and analysis, we are pleased to see this effort recognized nationally. To find out more about the CEC’s work, go to its website:







Planning Commission Project and Program Updates


The Citizens’ Efficiency Commission (CEC) for Sangamon County is an independent, advisory body established by referendum in 2010, with the purpose of improving “local government effectiveness by identifying opportunities for improved cooperation, coordination and reduction of duplication of services among local governments in Sangamon County." Click here for more information.

 The Sangamon County Regional Strategic Plan culminates years of planning effort by members of the community, expert planning consultants, and the SSCRPC.  The plan is intended to provide the vision for a vital cycle of growth in the region. Click here for more information.